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Information for Doctors

We work in partnership with General Practitioners and key service providers to treat people suffering with a comprehensive range of mental health concerns

Referral process

Send us a referral letter

Referrals may be addressed to ‘Mind Oasis Clinic’ or to a credentialed Psychiatrist / Psychologist / Specialist Pain Medicine Physician /ADHD Coaches of choice.

The referral letter from the treating GP or Specialist should be sent to:

Fax – 02 9011 6822

Email – info@mindoasis.com.au

Secure Message – Healthlink ID: mindoasi

Urgent Referals

Please call us at 02 9011 6800 to discuss arrangements for urgent referrals.

Internal triage

All referrals are reviewed before patients are provided with an appointment for consultation or procedure. Referrals are normally reviewed within 2-3 days and are triaged according to clinical need. This process ensures that all patients are clinically reviewed and managed appropriately and expediently.

Confirm appointment with patients

We will contact the patient directly to confirm appointment date and time.